Forbidden Fruit


Taste : Pine, Mango, Passion fruit

Effects : Euphoric, Calming, Relaxing

Experience : Drift away to a secluded island and allow your worries to melt away with this tantalising terpene profile

Minimum Order : 12 Carts


Cake carts Forbidden Fruits 

Cake carts Forbidden Fruits. Treat your muscle problems with an intriguing taste of this THC Cartridge!
This cake carts is categorized as an Indica with specific Sativa characteristics, with a 70 percent Indica and 30 percent Sativa ratio, giving its users the best of all worlds. Forbidden Fruit not only offers large yields, but it also has another appealing offer — its THC concentration is robust, with test findings indicating an average of 89-95%.
It has a delicious and intriguing taste with overtones of deep, gritty, nuttiness, and citrus-like tangy flavor. It may be used to treat various muscle issues, and it is particularly beneficial for illnesses such as MS.

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